Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NC Leg: Venus Flytrap more impt than Voters

The NC State Legislature is really busy now, in fact they are having a special meeting in Edenton to discuss legislation to make the Venus Flytrap the state carnivorous plant.

Legislature busy with important mattersUp & Coming Magazine, NC - 22 hours ago... Assembly's calendar is full of proposals like Senate Bills 116 and 128 that, respectively, establish the Venus flytrap as North Carolina's official carnivorous ...


Meanwhile, the legislation to require Voter Verified Paper ballots, that would have prevented the Carteret County fiasco, is languishing in the Senate Judiciary I subcommittee, while special interest groups fight it or try to modify it to suit their needs.

It is amazing to see the pieces of election law that the legislature passes without hearing any testimony or proof from those special interest groups that are promoting them.

Then come our bills, S223 and H238, the Public Confidence in Elections Act, which are fully supported by testimony of national and state computer scientists including a professional hacker employed by fortune 500 companys.

These bills, which were studied by a committee for over two months (my Senator, Ham Horton, wisely told me that it didn't take a committee to see that this legislation was needed)
these bills languish, sitting in committee in suspended animation.

Who doesn't want the bills to pass?

Some election directors, most well know is George Gilbert of Guilford County.
He loves paperless voting. He is more or less the leader of the election directors who love paperless voting. His county mis-reported the presidential vote totals by 22,000 on Nov 2 by the way.

The North Carolina Association of Directors of Elections - another group that George Gilbert seems to speak for. They don't have a website, and they are not a public group.

DRE vendors. They know that if we verify our votes on a paper printout, we will catch their machines miscounting. Technology for touchscreen and push button voting is very poorly done at this time.

Politicians - those who benefit from a system do not want to change it.

Citizens, who know that a paper record is used in every other transaction except for voting in 40 counties. Citizens know that banks, offices, gas stations, fast food, hospitals, dept stores, accountants and more all use a paper record to reconcile any digital record against.

We do not have that in elections.
Further, there is no federal or state oversite of these machines.
It is like buying a pig in a poke.