Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feb 9,2005 next E-Voting Meeting, Feb 3 cancelled

Dr. Ted Selker, one of the principal investigators with the CalTech/MIT Study, will be speaking on Feb. 9, 2005

There will be a meeting of the Joint Select Committee on Electronic Voting Systems on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2005, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 544 of the Legislative Office Building.
******Note: Ted Selker is a computer scientist, but his background is NOT in computer security. He shows up wherever voter verified paper ballots are being pushed for. He is one of the few computer scientists known that oppose voter verified paper ballots.

Even with David Allen on the committee, the NC BOE has exerted it's
influence in opposition of voter verified paper ballots. David has not allowed any ridiculous and unfounded assertions to go unquestioned, and without David, this committee might be controlled by BOE member Bob Cordle, or attorney Roger Knight, even with the Co-Chairs doing everything possible to ask excellent questions and moderate the meetings.

Sadly, one member even has repeatedly criticized the proposal to have the voting machine source code examined, saying that random audits would make it unneccessary. Legislative Staffer, Gerry Cohen aptly pointed out that examining the source code was the "front end" protection for our votes, and voter verified paper ballots were back-end protection.

The previous meetings began with compelling and well documented testimony by:
Dec 13, 2004 - Justin Moore's powerpoint presentation to the E-Voting committee here , and Justin's website with NC voting info here
Jan 7, 2005 - Chuck Herrin powerpoint presentation to the committee here , Chuck's website here and
Jan 7, 2005 - Rebecca Mercuri presented testimony, here website here

The following meetings were dominated by people with no documentation or facts:

Mr. Hood, of Catawba County telling how great his new paperless DREs are (Catawba is in the top 25 counties for high undervote rate)

Doug Chapin of , they have a good news service, but Mr. Chapin is an attorney, not a computer scientist.
I wouldn't call him before buying a pc, much less $60 Million in voting machines.
Further, ElectionLine has Mr. Doug Lewis, director of The Election Center on their staff,
(the organization that is subsidized by three voting machine companies) listed as a consulting advisor.

At the last meeting, commitee member Mr. Cordle (also member of the NC State Board of Elections) blew a cork! He nearly had kittens!
Mr. Cordle was really enraged over the idea that the NCBOE should have an ethics policy!
I thought he might either implode or explode.
- A bit dog really barks!
Anyone who tells me to blindly trust an election official, I say, please read this webpage at NCVoter

Next, comes Mr. Roger Knight, and attorney as well, who believes that we should not have voter verified paper ballots.
WE citizens, who also don't have an ethics policy, might sell our votes, lose them or tamper with them.
Never mind that in the 40 plus optical scan counties, the punch card counties and the hand counted paper counties, we have no reports of anyone tampering with the ballots.

What is wrong with this committee?
436 votes lost in 2002
4,532 votes lost in 2004
are they shooting for
40,000 votes in 2008?

The NC BOE needs to wake up! Listen to the computer scientists.
Meanwhile, we prepare for the meeting coming up, and encourage all citizens to email, write and/or call each member
of the Joint Select Committee on Electronic Voting.
Contact information is here: Alert