Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jan 21 E-Voting Committee Agenda & Overview of Legislation

Unless the meeting is called off tomorrow, these bills are going to be discussed
by the North Carolina Joint Select Committee on Electronic Voting.
**Contact information for the committee members, directions, etc.

My analysis of the legislation being proposed at the Jan 21st meeting.

The new legislation will cover powers of State Board of Elections, Statutes to allow re-vote, definition of voting systems, counting of absentee ballots prior to election day, and require that all voting systems permit all voters to verify their votes on a paper ballot; and more - has some trojan horses in it***

Jan 21st: "§ 163-182.12. Authority of State Board of Elections over protests *this looks like Gary Bartlett's idea, he hoped that this would cover the issue of future Carteret Counties, and still retain the convenience to election officials of not knowing about the other lost votes. I am not sure how the committee will receive. Paper ballots would eliminate the need for this "law". Link:

Jan 21 earlier counting of absentee ballots
"§ 163-234. Counting absentee ballots by county board of elections.

*IMHO the BOE needs more time to correct errors or address issue of votes lost by electronic voting. Hence, would like to count absentee votes before election day. (this is how they caught the Wake County lost votes, which they lived down more easily) **Again, Voter Verified Paper Ballots would eliminate the mad scamble to try to re-call voters back to the polls.

Jan 21st AN ACT providing leave to public employees for working as precinct officials. Link:

Jan 21st G.S. 163.165.7 Act to Centralize Purchasing Authority of Voting Systems.
*SBOE approves voting systems is not entirely new. Somewhere in here is probably something that says the BOE narrows down the playing field. Scares me to think Bartlett will still pick our voting systems, sounds like there will be some professional consultation, but still, Bartlett's history speaks for itself.
Considers hand counted paper ballots a certified voting system.
(Good to get that out in the open!)

The SBOE will consult with the Office of Information Technology Services, to develop the requests for proposal subject to the provisions of this Chapter and other applicable State laws.
The request for proposal shall comply with all of the following:

TROJAN HORSE**Capacity to accommodate instant runoff voting**
Bartlett will use this to try to force DREs on us.
So far only San Francisco has used IRV,
took several weeks to get the results,
computers did not tally the first 2 or 3 choices correctly.

ES&S optical scans were used in the IRV in San Francisco, although the Green Party insisted that DREs be used. ( This per Dr. David Dill of Stanford U.)THIS IS A TROJAN HORSE, does anyone see this as helping to encourage the use of hand counted paper ballots?

(In my county, the Election Director insisted she had to use DREs for early voting, because the ballots were so complex. I can see the pressure for DREs building up)I am not against IRV if done with hand counted paper ballots. See my page on IRV here
Advocates of IRV and hand counted paper ballots, you should start developing your systems and getting them ready for market NOW.

Link for rest of text to legislation for centralizing voting systems

Jan 21st "§ 163-165.8. Voting systems: powers and duties of board of county commissioners.

Jan 21 "§ 163-165.9. Voting systems: powers and duties of county board of elections.

Jan 21 § 163-165. Definitions as rewritten, ballot, voting system, instant runoff etc.


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